“When You Decide To Change Course, It Takes Time To Manifest The Outcome.”

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix
5 min readDec 27, 2021
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Hello Hello Dear Reader! Oh, wait, I am the reader now. Oh wait, no, you are reading this article about Readings. Oh, heck, I am already confused.

Not really.

I just wanted to be funny.

You see, today is December 27, 2021 in the year of Our Lord and I am making a change in my course that I am most excited about.

The decision to make a change in my Spiritual Life Career, has not come without it’s tears, concerns and contemplations.

Up until now, my field of expertise has been massage therapy. Yup, rubbing down the human body to look for, stuck places, pain and tight muscles or fascia. On top of that amazing service, I added in the components of Reiki, Yoga, and Life Coaching, all in one setting.

As a massage therapist, it is the divine truth that most people, come to your table, in some kind of mental, emotional, physical or spiritual pain. And like the words of author Eckhart Tolle, in The Power of Now, we all have a Pain Body. To deny this is to lie to yourself and commit Spiritual treason upon your flesh.

The book, The Power of Now, was published in the late 1990’s and was translated into 33 languages. It has been highly recommended by Oprah. I mean anything recommended by Oprah should find it’s way into the common man or woman’s home. Oprah is just so practical yes?

The Power of Now, means that you find yourself, living in this very moment of change, without resistance and without compromise. The Power of Now is a hopeful transcript for people like myself, who live in the third dimension density but have a fifth dimension way of thinking. It is no secret that I pray and I seek out Wisdom and Inspiration from my Angels, Guides, The Lord Jesus Christ and many other philosophical vibrations. Therefore, when my physical body could no longer withstand doing 20 massages a week, I had to redirect my mission, find time to reset my body and my biorythm and change my course. I still wake up almost a month later and ask myself, “What on Earth am I doing?”

I am doing something I love, something I am good at, something I understand from a practice level and reading Tarot as a Spiritual Life Coach, goes hand in hand, with the ornamental services, I have been offering as a MT, Reiki Master, Yoga Teacher and the likes thereof.

I even took a full course online to study the history and the art of Tarot. And just like holding down a table with 7 years of Hands on practice, I will be willing and able to manifest clients, friends and social connections bu offering my services as a Tarot Reader. A Kentucky Girl has no reason to be afraid to put herself out there since 2020 and beyond, offered us many creative ways to learn how to live according to the Laws of Adjustment.

The Laws of Adjustment are before all of us.

You, have to adjust when you have had a death in the family.

You, have to adjust when you go through a marriage or a divorce.

You, have to adjust when your World is knocked upside down and your house is blown away by a tornado or a house fire.

You, have to adjust when your boss freaks on you about your vaccine status.

One way or another, you have to adjust to the quicksand called Life.

We get older. We Die. We struggle in times when no one is looking. When you have no camera in your face, nor a Tweet in your hand. Your TikTok or Snapchat, allows you to manifest a funny face or a kissy face in the moment, but then, you close the lens and you cry out to God for your next tank of gas, or your next credit card payment.

You are forced to adjust when you have been diagnosed with Cancer or Diabetes. You are forced to adjust when infidelity enters your marriage or your life-partner relationship unknowingly.

Humans adjust.

Tarot allows us to take each adjustment, petition the universe for some fun and funky insights and lay out a spread of cards that remain timeless in the way of the system and the selection.

Tarot is a fun, artsy-fartsy way of inviting the Universe to be at one with your needs, your mental concerns and your emotional discoveries.

Tarot is a growing modality that has roots that go back long before the mid 15th Century. Tarot is older than our Mainstream Bible and Tarot is more systematic than many people think.

Tarot started out as a card game, moved into a way of channeling for answers and has landed in the homes and hearts to over millions of people. You would be surprised at the people who engage in Tarot Cards. Many of whom, have a staunch Christian background.

So, moving forward into 2022, my vision for my business, includes, but is not limited to, offering my clients, Tarot Readings for a price. My price is very reasonable considering many long term professional Tarot Readers cost an upwards of $120-$250 per hour. Yes, this is the going rate especially if you are engaging in services from Europe or the United Kingdom.

My dear mainstream middle class bible belt friends, I hereby encourage you to trust your intuition when it comes to participating in a Tarot Card Reading.

Use someone you trust. Use someone who will be open to teaching you the language of Tarot as well, as offering you a daily spread to help you analyze your inquiry.

Tarot is a great tool to use in coaching because it brings in a sense of wonderment to an already difficult situation. A Spiritual Life Coach is someone that will look at your history, your health, your childhood background, your challenges, your belief systems and your charts. (Natal).

For anyone who is interested in trying out this beautiful experience, you can reach out to my website and request an appointment.

And just like many other things that are changing in my life, this special rate will go away at some point. Why not try a reading with a professional before the inflation hits. It may be just the experience you are looking for in order to start living in The Power of Now.


Eleanor (Pseudonym of the King).

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