What is a Super Connector?

Blog Spot Super Connector –Puzzle Up And Create a New Network

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

September 22, 2020

Hello Humans. Welcome to my morning thoughts. My thoughts are representative of my day at hand and how I can completely step into the divine destiny of my calling.

I have no real substance to speak of right now. Just me, my thoughts and my computer screen. But those three pieces right there are exactly why I am writing this article.

I am a Super Connector. I am one small piece of your life and I am not missing, I am right here for you to pick up and place wherever it is you need me to be.

I am a healer, a helper and human and a hunter.

I am a person who loves to glean and gather information to help meet your needs and, I keep my ear to the ground for someone who may be in need of your services, your ministry and your specialty care.

But without you I cannot be a Super Connector because you are a piece of my puzzle just like I am a part of yours.

What is a Super Connector?

For the sake of a simple explanation I am someone who cares to connect someone else to someone to meet a need for the community both in business and in pleasure. I get great joy in introducing you to the next client, the next employee or the next best friend you ever knew because I am not selfish with my energy.

I do not want to keep you all to myself and as a Super Connecter I want to help you achieve your dreams and your wellness both mind, body and spirit. I want you to have all you’re needs met.

Philippians 4:19 is a nice sentence. My God shall supply all your needs. What if my God isn’t your God? That is ok, because I am very integral and my God said he would help us even if you are not in my same puzzle but you have your own puzzle happening in your creative matrix.

The point as a Super Connector is to be a guide, or a simple reference to the know…I know, therefore I am.

Now listen, A Super Connector does not know everything but they sure do know a lot of stuff. They know a lot of people and they have experienced a lot of situations to give quality advice on whether or not, Sally should do business with Jim and why George would be a better realtor for you than Scott. (If we were to imagine these are real people.). I am sure the scenario is true.

Sally passes leads to Scott who passes leads to Jim who decides NOT to pass a lead to George. Why? Jim is not a Super Connector. In fact, Jim may even be an asshole. Just saying.

But a TRUE Super Connector will evaluate the proctorial relationship and give you sound advice when it comes to whether or not you could use another contact in your life.

That is a Super Connector.

If you want to learn more, I invite you to read this Book!

Scott Gerber and Ryan Paugh have nailed it when it comes to getting more from networking than just well, networking. I have learned this the hard way!

A Super Connector does not care about your shiny business card really. They care about your story and why you are so passionate about your business or your pleasures. And a Super Connector will help you locate the pieces of the puzzle that may be missing in your circle.

Do not devalue the credibility of a Super Connector.

You may just miss the most important community player of all when it comes to humanity’s success and sustained commerce.




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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

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