“To Hide One’s Face In Shame Serves No Purpose Ever But Sometimes It Cannot Be Helped.“

To hide ones face in shame serves no purpose to anyone. Or, does it? I think the jury may still be out on that question so let’s explore our feelings.

You see, throughout my life I have been willing to face the consequences of my actions in a redemptive way and so laying my head in my hands for more than a few minutes serves no purpose for me except to remember that I have to look up at some point and keep on living.

And it’s not easy to admit that we all make mistakes, we all find ourselves hiding our feelings at some point and we all have a personal responsibility to move on past excruciating experiences so make sure you are at a place where you will willing, truly willing to admit you are human and that guilt and shame have no place in the winnings of a winner.

But what if you found out a deep dark dirty secret about someone that would affect the wellbeing of not only you, or one other person but the whole damn World?

Would you hide your face in shame then know the deep dark secret actually had a huge purpose?

Would you cover your eyes in shame for knowing that the deep dark secret held responsibility to an entire country exposing a landlock of trust and environmental underhandness would you still hide your face in shame?

Would you let the lies that were told to you to cover up years and years of creative deception keep your head in your hands?

What if you told a few people about the giant debacle and they looked at you deep in the eyes and felt a grievous pain for the onlooker but yet said to you, “yeah that’s too much for anyone to bear and you just have to move on” would you move on or fall back into putting your head back in your hands?

What if the entire evolutionary frequency of mankind needed to know the truth of the situation but because it was so outlandish you realized you could actually trust no one and you were left to die with a morbid sense of defeatism and you would be best served to just shut the hell up and heal?

What if?

When you find out that someone you love has carried a dark secret (or two) for decades at a time and that the story which comes from their voice and lips will only be vendicated by the law of karma and God I guess you tell them to just move on.

Next time you see someone you love crying with their head in their hands and they share with you the most painful experiences of their life be careful not to judge them too harshly.

Emotional pain and suffering comes with a cost. And not everyone has the opportunity to make their darkest secrets known because it just may destroy more than the person who was held hostage to the truth of being lied too.



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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.