The Mooted One. Part 2.

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix
8 min readMar 16, 2022
When you wish upon a bird. He poops on your head you little fucking turd.

March 16, 2022…Continued.

So, now that the global alarm over Covid-19 has eased, it does not seem a bit unusual to me that we are now facing a World War. It is said that many of us who have been wise enough to focus on our own personal responsibilities, like getting up and going to work, trying out new and creative ways to make money to support our families, our businesses, our monthly bills, pay our portion of appropriate taxes and help our community grow and find resources when big government was not there for us as the little person.

Many people really do have a lot to say about the agenda that has been designed for us to follow but not too many are really bold enough to ask more questions of our leadership. This threat of another World War really is just ridiculous at the core.

There are so many conversations happening behind the scenes that make you questions the authenticity of WHY we are fighting with Russia.

In as much as I am NOT a communist supporter, the word from the underground leads us civilians to believe that Russia is invading Ukraine because they are trying to shut down some terrible bio-labs that may not be so beneficial to the world.

I have heard that there is an enormous amount of sex trafficking in Ukraine and that Putin is trying to put a stop to that action. I do not know if I believe that story any more than I believe that this War is necessary and that our gas prices which are topping $5 per gallon just today in Kentucky, (higher elsewhere), it true or has any truth to be told, but I know one thing, the confidence many of us “normies” in the state, have no confidence in the current administration and what is sad is our global morality is worse than I have ever seen it in my 50 years of life on this planet.

When I take the time and look at all the “cover-up” stories accessible to us through factual social media outlets and uncensored press releases, I damn sure don’t trust anyone to tell me what to do with my body, my money, my religious practices or my clients and family or friends as it stands.

Most of us DO NOT trust anything that we are told online anymore and the value of the Internet has gone from product and service exchange to control you and your mind and leave you in the dark and out on your ass.

I am reminded of the times where commercials would throw in really fast images of propaganda, or sexual images or other mentally disturbing flashes, in order to awaken our third eye to a manipulation that exists merely in the shadows of the advertisement. The proper term for this type of trickery is gas lighting. If you are a victim of gas lighting you damn well know it once you figure it out. I think most of what is happening is gas lighting and if you say anything of the sorts, you can and will be mooted!

So, what is a person to do with all this chaos?

Chaos that includes harsh judgment about our right to vaccinate or not vaccinate.

Chaos that drives immobilizing fear into the eyes and ears of anyone connected to a television, a smart phone or a radio. Hell, even our billboard media can be frightening at times and even our well meaning evangelical brothers and sisters will scream that you will Die and Go to Hell for avoiding the relationship with God and Church. We are damned for what we believe and damned for what we do not believe. Who is in charge here?

Readers, let me explain something. My personal history (story) has cause for validation of everything we are being told, and I study this shit day and night on more subject matters that you can shake a stick out. I am just gleaning the data and I am not at a place to tell you what to believe.

If someone tells me I need three of four vaccines to protect me from a virus that is all and all been biologically made I want to run like hell. This virus was meant to take out a quarter of the population and no one is going to dare take the blame for playing God with Bat poop played with for gain of function reasons and that my friends is most likely what is the truth no matter what science says about the virus’ origin. Someone likely created it. Period. We investigative minds know this to be pretty close to the truth.

No wonder I hear that “Fouchee” is in the witness protection program.

My state Senator, Rand Paul has been known to rake “Fouch” over the coals for funding this Wuhan Lab research. And peer reviews, with people like Dr. Robert Malone who actually is credited with discovering MNRA technology, do not see eye to eye on what makes a good protection from this virus that may or may not be something you dare to understand in fact or theory. Look it up.

Believe what you want because once all the data comes out tomorrow, it will be as outdated as it was in 2020 when WHO nailed us to the wall with masks, mandates and in some cases, Marshall Laws. You have no idea what to believe anymore and that is part of the Plan of Satan. To confuse us all.

No wonder my ex-military husband bought me a revolver and made damn sure I knew how to use it.

He made sure I knew what a bug-out bag was, how to eat a nasty ass MRE if I needed to go underground and oh, how to take the battery out of my phone, or tape our smart TV camera with scotch tape, because as technology began to infiltrate our homes (good, bad or indifferent), at the time, he thought he was doing me a favor.

He in fact, did not do me a favor.

He scared the living fuck out of my children and me with all the talk about conspiracy.

Should I believe governmental rulers’, both foreign and domestic conspire against me, the civilian?

What did I do wrong to deserve such regulating?

Did I eat too many gmo’s and carbs?

Did I drink too much Kentucky manufactured bourbon?

Did I smoke too many cigarettes as a child or puff on too many joints in my day?

Nah, none of those issues, are not the reason the enemy may want to blow my face off the planet.

I mean Korea or Russia, Germany or Cuba or my American leaders could give a rat’s ass about me. Right? Right?

And, Jesus Chrits, what about the race wars, the inequality of women to be in leadership, the witches who were burned at the stake for playing with Lavender and Frankincense or Myrrh?

What about all of the families who have been ripped apart by disagreements by false numbers of deaths that are being blamed for Covid and if you do not get a vaccine, you will kill someone’s grandmother and are the cause of all evil. Ouch. Listen, do not fucking guilt me into getting a vaccine that has no real documentation behind the long haul plan, especially when I believe that natural immunity against anything is the BEST course of action. What little vaccine I did take, is enough thank you. I am not high risk and I do not have co-morbidities to contend with so back the fuck off with that needle craze.

Many, many reports are now saying, people died with Covid, not because of Covid but the Medicaid incentives to pay a hospital diagnostic report for reporting a cause of death to be from CV-19 apparently may have had millions of dollars in kick back. Look it up!

You know what else cost millions of dollars? Plastic Gloves, Needles and Syringes, Masks, Cleaners, (toxic and pure) medical tubes, equipment, and the likes their of. And, we are paying for it both with our pocketbook and our planet’s life force. Trash, trash, and more trash.

What else did I notice while I was sleeping, is that many of the hospitals, urgent care centers, banks, and more lucrative companies with deep stock yielding portfolios, got face lifts, and new coffee bars and vending machines that light up when you walk by them, and new sofa’s in entry ways and medical providers and their parking spots were filled with new cars that cost more than I make in two years time. I also noticed universities increased in campus upgrades and wall to wall apartments went up around town to attract the rising level of wealth that America is supposed to be bringing to our World.

What is even more sad, is I was one of the VERY first small businesses to apply for government aid on March 23rd, 2020, by way of certified mail, and after fighting for a year to get some help for my wellness practice, I was shoved into a wet hole of piss when none of my requests for help were heard. I did not get the safety net resources to save my self from almost being homeless in 2020. Nope, I just watched while the rich got the bailout money. Again.

Oh, I did get a smidge of unemployment and even that ended for me quickly because I said “fuck you COVID” I am going back to work as a therapist.

But what is really sick is that my IRS form 1099 K from the state, stated that UI paid me $1300 more than I actually got.

I had to PAY taxes on government money I did not receive and I have sent many, many letters to the IRS and State of Kentucky to fix my shit.

My requests for records correction always lands into the black hole of customer service holes and when I try to call for help, I get no one……

There is no customer services in government agencies.

Actually, now that I think of it, there is also no quality customer service in IT, Cellular Services, Amazon or Online retail. Travelocity has terrible customer service, ATT, Spectrum, and T-Mobile suck when trying to get a hold of a human. Press, 1, 2, 1, 4, 1 oh, click…….dial tone.

And if you try to call your local healthcare clinic to get an annual appointment, be prepared to be on hold for a long time.

It is the same with calling any public agency.

I wish I had Nancy P.’s cell phone number. Maybe she will HMU with a text message and tell me what the weather is for today. Doubt it.

Again, dear reader, here is the poop scoop.

This is MY story. My experience. And I will not be mooted anymore. You may have experienced absolute bliss during the lock down, staying out of the office, while you did laundry on your sales calls and cooked dinner for your family while many of us almost lost our shit trying to find toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Oh and for God’s sake, do not fucking cough or sneeze in public. You may get carted off to the gallows for not stifling the sneeze. Aren’t you sick of this bullshit as a human? What ever shall we do?

To be continued….



Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

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