“The Female Shadow is Heating Up. Vibrational Healing is Upon Us. And so is a stupid Patriarchal War.”

Hello Dear Reader. Thank you in advance for reading this really messed up moment in my World.

You see dear reader, I am my Master’s Shadow. I am my master’s Muse. I AM my master’s Voice.

My Master, she/her has been dealing with a lot of emotionally charged experiences and as her/she’s Shadow side, Master knows she can only be of service to her/she’s world so long as she is honest and truthful about her feelings.

It seems that my master’s inner world, is starting to reach further inside of her mind, body emotional experiences and well, as a spiritual creature, her wounds sometimes take longer to heal than maybe other people would like.

My master does a lot of reflection and as her shadow, I am drawer near to her so she can place her care’s into her Master’s arms.

As a child, master was told that Jesus would always be there for her. He/Him would walk the path with her and when she/her was tired, she/her would find him carrying her with just one set of footprints in the sand.

Over time, master felt as if her Master was a completely different person than she was once taught. Master Jesus, well he/they/them/him, had a lot of experience dealing with high strung political apostles that were always jockeying for experience. Between Peter, Paul and Mary, Judas and Andrew, I am sure there was a lot of lobbying going down.

“Hey Jesus, can you do something about these women always wanting to be as equal as us. I mean we have a penis and a pencil so we should be the one’s in charge of the community.”

“Hey Jesus, how much magick can you do? That water to wine trick was so powerful, I suspect that we could capitalize on drunkenness and make solid an industry full of spirts and debauchery. Women think the plants are the best way to alter consciousness but if we can lower our vibe with some sloppy ass drunk sex, we can not only spread our seed over the universe, we can stop them from ascending into plant based healing because that would be too easy.”

“Hey Jesus. Do you think I could get a front row seat in the congregation this week? I can’t seem to see over sister Magnolia’s headdress and her perfume is wafting my Old Spice.” (Old man stink).

You get my drift?

My master is kinda pissed off at the patriarch and now, she is reaching a place in her awakening where if she doesn’t deal with her “daddy issues” she may just implode. And reader, it is not just her own pappy and husbandry issues. My master is sick and tired of “the rule.”

Between where we are now, and where we are going, the penis and pencil pushers are about to create a World War that none of us may survive from.

Jet fighters, flight paths, political plunders and lies. Some of our healing goddesses down here in the ditches, are just trying to make a buck to feed our families and ourselves, file taxes, balance work and home life and save the planet from ultimate destruction. But no one is listening to the real ones. The one’s paying the political paycheck, dying by the droves and wishing for a way out of this fucked up World of non-congruent geometry.

On the bright side, my master is finding that the closer she draw to the REAL man, Jesus, he is asking her to be patient but also, to speak her truth.

Like Mary, when she and that guy were having sex and the church patriarchs pulled her out of his bed, they were going to throw big stones and bust her up for being a sexy lady. Jesus, said “I fucking dare you to hit her.” I am sure his strong, rugged look freaked their skinny, weak, cowardly frame right the fuck out. Jesus wasn’t playing when he defended her to the mob. My master is in hopes that he will defend her as well. She has been accused and criticized far too long.

Jesus also worked very closely with the woman at the well who had been married 5 times and was still living with a man and basically said to her, “Honey, get the fuck out of that situation and go and take care of yourself. You are a woman of virtue, burning the midnight oil, tending to the garden, the tapestries and the medicine.

Jesus knew women were truly the medicine women and gave all his best and most effective secrets when it came to alchemy and plant magick. But, somewhere along the line, in modern day times, the masonic culture, stripped women of their rights and the truth of how King Solomon worked with the ladies to heal the lands and these robbers came in and took the books, scrolls, secrets of knowledge and cast the women out of the circle of knowledge once again.

So why is my master so upset these days?

Her shadow knows that what has been accepted as healing energy by the spirit is not accepted by “man” as the right way to do healing.

Patriarch says, write more scripts, bet more money on horses, buy more bourbon and don’t forget, smoke more cigarettes and pay more taxes so they can have more money to do the same. Fuck trying to do yoga to heal, or reiki or bodywork. Keep them blind, deaf and dumb them down with social media feeds that promote war, hate, crime, and political unrest.

Let the homeless drool day and night on the side of the road, holding their sign. Oh, Jeff Foxworthy would be so proud you think? Maybe not?

Ok, ok, truly my master she/her is really a very intelligent person. She/her has read mountains of data to date on natural ways to heal a person, or at best, their shadow side. My master knows not everything in the body can be healed and that is ONLY because we all have to die someday.

We are all going to die. And our Shadow side wants to be seen, heard and acknowledged before we go.

Little girls don’t like hiding secrets of abuse, mental torture of manipulative men. (And, in all fairness, some guys are still wounded by some fucked up mommy dearest controlling parent of the opposite gender so be sure to apply this scenario to little boys too.) The catholic church sure got a reaming over abusing the little boys in the fold in as much as the boy scouts got their ass ripped lately for messing with the cubs.

In closing the thoughts for my master today, she/her wants people to know that there are ways to heal the shadow side and mental and emotional disorders do not have to always be controlled by brain numbing medications or medical vibrators to the pussy to control a woman’s hysteria like they did in 1920 according to Medical Vibrators for Treatment of Female Hysteria | The Embryo Project Encyclopedia (asu.edu). (However, that may be fun to try with all the stress women have been under lately. I just don’t think classifying it as hysteria is the right term. It is probably more shadow trauma and fear than it is hysteria.)



Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.

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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.