“Reversing Mental/Emotional Trauma One Word at a Time. Eliminating Post-Pandemic Fears With Peace and Therapy.”

Ok, I am going to admit it. I contemplated suicide a few times since March 15th, 2020 the day my governor shut down my state and it was more than just once. In fact, it has taken me months of therapy (personal, professional and alternatively) to NOT take my own life.

And as a therapist myself, that is a hard thing to admit because I was someone that many, many people relied on for prayer, support and encouragement. So why now? Why now do I want to admit that I hated living in this pandemic almost as much as anyone and maybe, just maybe a tad bit more?

Because, I made it out alive (so far) and I still know that everything that I believed back then about this international threat is indeed, is still my belief.

However, after months of TRUE research and ESSENTIAL soul searching, I have come to the conclusion that everything I believe about the onset, order and direction of our World at large, is something I must now consider a valuable lesson in life and that I must work on boundaries as a therapist without losing the gift of wellness I have always been able to offer my World, and that I need to love myself that much more. I also need to remain as honest as I can be without faking my truth, stop doubting my sense of understanding and ability to gain knowledge about this attack, and without squashing my light as a therapist, a minister, a light worker and a beautiful empowered woman stay in my lane. I give therapy. I take therapy. I eat therapy. I breathe therapy. It is why I am a great therapist.

Ladies and Gents. I am not just talking about the virus or the attack on our physical bodies by way of fever, body aches or pain. I am talking about the mental and emotional terror the onset of this pandemic has created in our lives. As a therapist it is my worst nightmare to see someone hurting. Mentally and Emotionally included.

But what became the most difficult time of my life was knowing that these controlled social media tactics that have immunized us from living are at best untouchable and may very well be undefeatable. And that scares me to go on another day sometimes. What else are they capable of?

I am talking about the gross miscalculation of data that has been thrown at us while we bare witness to the television set viewing nothing but death, torment and torture as humanity appears to be collapsing, including the war on race, our human rights and the elimination of most of our natural human connection.

I am talking about all the don’ts.

Don’t Hug.

Don’t sit by anyone.

Don’t go see your old grandfather alone in the nursing home.

Don’t go to work.

Don’t leave your house without a mask. (which really I am so sorry to say DOES NOT WORK and in fact can make you more sick in the long run.)

Don’t tell people how you feel about the truth of how this started, why this started and what is about to come of what has happened and by all means, don’t question the integrity of the leaders who are “telling” us that this virus now controls our entire population.

They are admitting that the death toll really is high in the high risk (already sickie) population and that if you don’t get vaccinated by a mass produced biotechnological chemical that has no historical long term data on safety or long term affects that you may (WILL MOST LIKELY) be isolated from socialization, travel, and even the grocery store in the next few months. Otherwise we are ostracizing the entire natural wellness community who believe we have thousands of other ways to heal our body from invaders without a pill or a shot, and this my friends, left me wondering if there was anything left for me to live for.

I believe the following modalities have enough medically driven evidence to be considered healing properties to the body and we all know that every single one of these wellness paths were initially shut down while we were told a devil from hell was on the loose to kill us. Here is the list of practices of which, I either am certified to teach or administer or I use for my own health and wellbeing.









Moderation in acidic food and drink.



Talk Therapy

Medicine Wheel Work and Gridding (with Crystals and Angels.)


Epsom Salt Baths

Salt Cave

Infrared Sauna


Sound Healing


Candle Gazing

And, Hypnotherapy.

Then, there is this tiny little space in my life where I was married to someone who may have had masonic and military intelligence and who may or may not have played a role in how I constructed my believe system as a pentecostal prayer warrior, or that in the above mentioned list I actually hold legal certification as a therapist to teach and administer and that I am sure I have spent close to $20,000 in educational expenses and that I own an alternative medical library of over 1000 books about wellness, probably is not enough to convenience you that I was indeed suffering from long term depression in 2020 and wanted run with that 38 special and shoot my own third eye out.

Would I have done it really? Hell No. I have way too much to live for. Like Knowledge. I know shit. And no one, can take that away from me.

We all know the stories and confusion of the “what if” carry on. And I am glad I did not do it.

Wellness. It is a state of mind and no brain washing social media can offset the power of self love and be honest with people. Really, I think we are all therapists.

Give Peace a Chance. 2021.





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