Hello My Name is Eleanor and I am Polyamorus. Period.

My Mantra is “Hey You. Love is Love:. My Sign is a Scorpio with a Scorpio Ascendant and a Cancer Moon and I am an alcoholic. I was genetically predisposed to this behavior and substance addiction at a very young age.

My Family ARE drinkers. Grands and Great Grands. Parents do. Kids do. I do.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg.

I have been divorced 4 times and I am still just 3 months shy of my 50th birthday and I am sure Jesus would say to be, “Bitch, stop!” Take your Well Water and do something different”.

Jesus would say to me to “Be different, now”. Marriage is not for everyone. Someone told you that was the way to go as a white american citizen and so well, as I start the preface of this introduction I want to tell you, it’s bullshit. I do not do well as a Wife. Something inside of me runs every time. And as far as being single or heterosexual, or A-sexual or Pansexual or Poly Wolly Doodle All Day, it’s just not for me.

I want to speak my truth and dear reader, if you cannot handle some swearing during our time together as author and reader, well, then please do yourself a favor and put this book down. NOW.

There are things inside of these chapters that will make you think about everything you know about Love and why marriage isn’t the core of it. Can you handle such independence?

I am a Woman of remarkable thinking. Much too complicated for the average Joe. Or Joleen. Depending on who I am in love with on a particular day.

At this point in my life, I will no longer apologize for being who I am or feeling the way I feel about subject matters.

My Mental Strategy is to get you to read with me, my thoughts, enjoy them as I compile them to print.

I have vowed to write a book.

A book about a Woman. And Women too.

This book is for Everyone. Including Women.

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.