“How a Reiki Master Survived The Pandemic.”

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How a Reiki Master Survived The Pandemic?

Well. Do you even know what a Reiki Master is and why would someone care?

Reiki is a professional healing practice and is used by many to adjust the healing frequency of animals, plants, the Earth and Humans. I recommend you click on this site if you want to know more.


Moving on.

How did I survive? Well. Maybe we should paint a picture of the definable term survive.

When the Pandemic hit, I had a flourishing Massage Therapy practice. As a Reiki Master I always use Reiki in my practice and that may have been the reason I was seeing so many clients. The transference between myself and my client was a frequency above that which is seen. I was so happy.

I had gone through another divorce and was working on some deep emotional healing, trying to date again, recover from financial disaster 🔥 (which is usually the case when you are in a divorce) but I had so much trust in the Universe and my calling to practice the art of Reiki in everything I touched, I was sure this virus would pass quickly and it would level out so I could be a heathy vessel for my clients and family.

It was a dark emotional and mental disaster for me for a very long time. I was macerated financially and quite honestly, realized who my true colleagues were. The overall state of affairs for a small business was either “do” or “die.” Either fight to keep practicing while I received very little government help and my constant cries for help as a small business were drowned out by thousands of other small businesses who were running for the same thing I was. Income.

It takes a massage therapist about 65–70 percent of their income to run the table. I was two steps from expanding into a new corporate market where offices and manufacturing firms alike were using my services to purchase massage therapy and reiki and yoga, to enhance the wellness model on site at several companies and the hundreds of employees a year we (my contractors) touched said to us that bringing in massage therapy and other wellness tactics, gave them the boost they needed to feel better and have a good day at work.

I was so happy.

At first when it all crashed down my mind went ape shit. I knew that much of this shutdown was preplanned and preconceived but the amount of global chaos that formed around us all was uncontrollable. In as much as our leaders put on their global game face and acted like they had it all under control it was a disaster.

Sure I should trust my career politicians and medical scientists to ease my fears because they know everything. The global panic button had been pushed but I was expected as an empath and a natural healer, to remain calm. I didn’t. But I am now.

I self administered more Reiki to my body, mind and spirit and I think it worked. I feel great again.

I made massive life altering decisions during the pandemic that shocked people almost as much as the virus.

I changed the scope of practice to diversify my services and I cleaned a few houses.

I got married again and I married for reasons which are really no ones business. I married a good friend who is just as traumatized by this fucked up world as I have been. But we survived.

I adjusted my frequency to everything around me and I took some major hits with some decisions and sailed through safely on others.

My health went south for about 9 months and I racked up $4000 in medical expenses only to hear from the doctors that my auto immune disorder was just excessive stress and they have me medication that almost never worked.

As of today, I was conscious enough to take every extra penny I had made to pay off my medical debt, the debt I had to carry over from the divorce and the temporary closure of my business and guess what? I do not owe anyone anything. Except maybe God. He reminded me why I started a Reiki practice in the first place.

“To self heal. And that I did”.

Will I struggle like that ever again?

God I hope not. There are still many unanswered questions about what really just happened to us humans.

Bats? China? Big Pharma? Biden? Trump? Radical Racism?

Fuck. I was just trying to survive in my own little bubble in 2020.

But I sure did see a lot! And I am indeed a better Reiki Master because of it.




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