“Full Moon in Aquarius August 3, 2020. The Age of Aquarius Has Arrived. Or at, least I think so. But What Do I Know?”

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix
6 min readAug 4, 2020

Alrighty then. It’s time to tick-tock my way through Monday and write about the Full Moon.

This particular full Moon download was just two little Spiritual words and they comfort me. And, I think, they go together. Are you ready? The words are: Mental Alchemist.

That is what the Age of Aquarius is going to present to us for those who believe we may be going into the universal Age of Aquarius….and possibly beyond. I think we are.

Some of you may disagree that this Full Moon in Aquarius never meant any harm with the fear of the COVID fright and all but Uranus is disruption and Uranus rules the sign of Aquarius. All of the Moon cycles matter here in 2020 but this one is EPIC in many proportions. I would hope however, by now, those that read my blogs know I watch for signs of the times, report on it, and move on. It’s what I do.

And as someone who loves astrology I want to talk about Mental Alchemy as a process. A changing of the Mind. (Collectively, that would be nice.) I would love to see peace unfold in humanity. I wonder now, if it ever will.

As Mental Alchemists, Aquarians, they know they are full of static mental disruption being guided by intelligence unabridged but then they have a remarkable way of being so simple and original and at the helm of survival, Aquarians do not give themselves enough credit for the ability to provide Mental Alchemy and help us shift the universal mind for a World of Peace and not a World full of disruptive domination. Mental Alchemy is now what I would call “the mental shaking of America.” Ladies and Gents, welcome to the machine. (Pink Floyd)

You see, Aquarians are ruled by our distant cousin-planet, Uranus and as we channel the message of the universal mind, as writers we want to start a conversation about the who’s and why’s behind 2020’s Mental Alchemy, or change that is. We need to be seeing each other as humans and nothing more or less. Otherwise, our species becomes head-strong and we fight among our Planetary quarters and rip each other to shreds un-purposefully…. Reputations, Religions, Rules and Regimes. Where are you in the process? Enter big fist….

I wonder if there is one-way ticket through the third eye cosmos to planet Uranus that says. “Welcome, you have arrived on the planet of Mental Alchemy. What would you like to think?” I would take a ticket but they may want my REAL ID. “That’s $46 dollars plus three dollars processing fee for your credit card and no, I will not give you change back”. There is a coin shortage. :/

What is it like on Uranus? Do you think by 2050 we will be traveling the universe in a bottle? IDOJ. I dream of Jeanie.

Well I would think living on Uranus would be something like this”

Have you ever seen a Light Bright? A Hasbro Light-Bright? I love them.

Like an MK Ultra-Light Bright get in your head look at the colors happy toy! That is Aquarius and the energy of Uranus. Mental Mind of the Spectrum and the Planet you may want to imbibe if you want to leave earth post apocalypse. And this is where we are now! Computer to Computer. Wave upon Wave of Technology. Burning your brain cells….Just Kidding…..:/ We are just writing a blog and having fun here so chill!! LOL!

Aquarian Moon hues are Violet in nature and remarkably strong in will power. That is where we need to be right now with our minds. Everyone has an opinion right now and there is so much hate in our World that we need to look a little deeper into the collective consciousness and well, here we are. Full Moon Hour of Power! August 3, 2020- August 4, 2020. What a year…..smh.

The Power of the Mind has reached epic proportions of human magnetism (Reiki and Human Energy working together) and this Full Moon is going to shift our thinking towards the biggest humanitarian issues known to our century. This is my prediction.

If MLK and JFKjr were still with us, we may not have ALL these issues but history always repeats itself no matter what when it comes to racism and sometimes I feel as if I channel these two guys. It’s creepy who comes to talk to you during meditation and prayer time. Aquarius is about connecting with Spirit and we need to say Hi to our loved ones on the other side. We need their prayers. Hebrews 12:1.

Whether we are Black, White, Native America, Scottish, Welch, Irish, Chinese, Japanese, or a Pagan Witch, we all matter.

How we see each other in our mental minds is the key to changing hate into Love and War into Peace.

I cannot stand to see a true spiritual person wanting to execute another light worker when living in their crown chakra and start to yell out for justice when we all know, this World is not our home and Jesus said we will always have the POOR and the Sick Among us.

Where we need to concentrate our efforts as a city are in places like rehab centers, mental health recovery centers, wellness initiatives for the suffering and broken hearted, and our council-men and women town halls need to listen us folks that still have HOPE about us to see a better World unfold and stop the violence. We could be limited the meetings to a few neighborhood folks at a time look at each case as a person, not a wasted energy. But what are missing are a secretary and a universal voice of Love. We need an AMAZING City Wide Secretary to take notes for each district and document each person’s feelings and report on progress.

We need to concentrate on creating programs that will safely blend culture barriers honoring our humanity in states and offering a learning tool, as we understand what we do to one person and ourselves, we do to the whole.


That is an alchemical mental process that earth people have not yet been able to achieve as a planet, but it’s coming. We will see each other for the light we are. In a dark world, there will always be a spark of light because you cannot have one without another. When we live in a monochromatic world (Black or White) we become down and depressed over the drab.

A true Mental Alchemist will want ascension. Loving and Transformative Ascension.

That is what this Full Moon is about.

Alchemistry just offers us measures of molecules in motion to create reality and thoughts. Thoughts are energy. Molecular energy and know at some point we all have to live together both COP and Criminal. As humans, with our Full Moon in Aquarius, what we know we know we cannot unknown and I know later down the road, I can use the knowledge properly.

The hardest part of this Full Moon is realizing that I can have all the best Mental Ideas in my Alchemical parking lot (my mind) but in all reality earth and it’s objectives are full of chaos and cleansing and it will get harder before it gets easier. Uranus brings disruption. But Uranus also brings Hope. Hebrews 11:1.

Thank you Luna for this message and I can only Hope (Planet 11 Friends Hopes and Wishes) that when we find each other on the other side of the pain body our mental alchemy makes us better, stronger and faster than any meat suite could. #newprocess

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

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