You tell me. No wait, don’t. Don’t tell me what I should do.

The universe has had far too many directions laid out for me lately so I am taking back my universal power and I am going to create a new path for my life.

It very well may be similar to the old path, well, because you should not throw the baby out with the bath water but when the water gets murky, you need to refresh and sanitize your mind.

You see, we ALL have an inner compass driving us to be more, do more and encourage more of what we want out of life than just establishing a mere settlement.

The settlers settled. But I cannot. I cannot settle to think, that I have no control over the course of my life. I do have control and I can course correct everything in my life so long as I am willing and open. I am the participant in my journey.

What I do find as “unsettling” is when you, as a person, bare all, share all and then all of a sudden, it’s like everyone is criticizing you for doing YOU.

You tell people you know, what you are doing, when you work from a professional perspective and yet they still judge you when you uncover evidence that sometimes, people have to change directions.

You show people by way of your actions, that you are not perfect, but you are willing to participate in the joy of discovery.

We can uncover many lost fantasies when we are open to walking in the Spirit. Galatians 5:16–18 says to walk in the Spirit. It’s like Magic.

And what would a great Spirit like Spirit want from us as we walk? Kindness, Joy, Faith, Peace, Trust. That is just a few of the human conditions we should be implementing all over the World this season. Spirit also wants us to walk towards Love with our eyes wide open and awake.

Spirit wants us to remember where we had once walked before so as we journey through another experience, another transition or adjustment, we can kick past the bread crumbs we may have left ourselves behind and remind us, to keep on walking. MAKE THE COURSE CORRECTION.

The last two years have POUNDED many of us into the ground in ways that would seem as child’s play for others. Not everyone hated the changes that the pandemic required of us. Others, like myself, have had to press, and climb and burrow and restore our resources because well, we ministered and made our way as a rambler, making our way through the mayhem, hoping to come out on the other side with very few battle scars. Unfortunately, I got a few scars. In fact, they are all over my face.

If you only knew, the number of people I gave money to, took food to, helped for no reason but to be JUST there as an angel to others, minister to the scared and lost of heart, and to be of good cheer in doing all that I had to do to survive. I HAD TO SURVIVE TOO.

People did not see you lifting your children out of the wreckage. People did not see you fighting the “ah-hem” career political employees for your piece of the package, all the while, knowing that MOST of what is happening around the World was……..pre………..dicted. (planned.) And yet, I digress to say people are starting to forget how this all got started. Not me. Nope. An elephant never forgets.

In spite of all that has happened in the last two years, some great things have happened. I realized I love people and the “unlovable” (which is not a real thing because we all deserve love however you know what I mean), the haters, are most likely NOT WALKING BY THE SPIRIT.

In fact, there could be some future course correction that may still transform some of us in 2022. What’s hard for me is to watch where the inexorable folks who are in leadership and action, just cannot admit the facts about the past and will never find their way to an altar and repent.

Just like I have had to repent for wanting to see certain people punished for crimes of passion and chicanery, I had to lay down my life this past week, stop doing what I loved the most, get some deep wounded healing underway and repent.

What is my the definition of repent? “To stop turning away from Spirit and listen when He/She/It says to STOP doing what is harming my body and start doing what I am supposed to be doing.”

I love to support others, I just don’t know how to monetize the mission. What is the mission? TO SUPPORT OTHERS.

In order to support others, I have to make some further changes, get through a personal healing crisis AND, decide how to choose a new path, when the old path has had me walking around the same mountain for almost a decade. Thank GOD I left bread crumbs so I would not be hungry along the way.

Jesus spoke to us in parables. Sometimes I want to say to Jesus, “You know you should really be more direct with humans. We are idiots at times and riddles are hard for the simple man to understand.”

In Christ Consciousness.




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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Eleanor Elaine Phoenix


Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.