Coffee Shop Sadness In a Cup of a Coronavirus World.

Imagine with me for one moment. A lonely coffee shop experience with a sad girl, sitting alone, wondering, where the people are? It’s a coffee shop writer’s nightmare. At least, it is mine nightmare and I am perfectly awake.

I used to find myself doing my amateur blogging here reminding myself that ) someday-I-wanna be a writer and it was always the coffee shop environment that inspired me to write when the muse says, “Go.”

But my muse, she, has been emotionally over-ridden by a novel coronavirus and so, fast forward three and a half months post American shut down, and my muse is completely lost in a world where opening the third eye has become painful and crown chakra work is becoming more novel as meta-physics and science co-habitate and collide. Don’t believe me? That’s ok. You will someday.

Our World is no longer like it was like this past Christmas when the economy was thriving and our hearts were being swept in motion by a hustle and bustle bop World and we were smiling at each other and saying Hello with a mighty handshake. Now, surrounded by sanitizer and masks, 6 foot distant tables and the art of SCREAMING ACROSS THE PLEXIGLASS TO THE BARTISTA that I would like a dirty chai-latte, it feels not so happy like it was before. There will be no handshake. No hug and of course, not much to watch today.

I mean sure, I can hold great gratitude that I can even afford a chai-latte in our global crisis but fuck, I am really out of my comfort zone on what our World will become in the next few years.

You see. I am an experienced woman. I think people look at my intuitive and intellectual mind as if I am wearing a Batman costume or something. Oh wait, I am. #mask The World feels so wrong. Who sits in a deserted coffee shop and finds the encouragement to blog now that Coronavirus has plagued our World? Well, I do. I did not say I wasn’t sad about it! I am. But I am going to carryon and write and tell the universe that I see it too. I see the universal need for global change and the time is now whether we like it or not. Right? Right.

This is how I am feeling. Emotionally. This is how I am feeling. (I say it twice so you will understand my penmanship.) It is really hard to drink a chai-tea latte with a mask on. It is really hard to see control and regulation remarking a virus that we yet have very little understanding about and of course, very little trust in what we know.

Have you opened social media lately? Between Coronavirus, Political Wars inside our OWN country, Racial Slurs, and anxious human vibrations, are off putting and off branding. As a writer, I have to review and process what I see each and every day and that goes for what my life was before March of 2020. America will go down in history and mark this date as a reminder to our children that you are never safe. No matter what you do. Mask. No Mask. Militia and Race. There will always be hate. There will always be poor and there will always be the sick among you. John. Chapter 12. The Bible. (And you can pick your denominational translation too. That is always an argument among many.)

Ladies and Gents. Thanks for listening to me in this moment. I have to get back to my life now. But I wanted you all to know that I was sad. Sad to see society being muzzled like this. I am not saying the virus isn’t real and we shouldn’t be mindful of it’s threat. I am saying, its my time on earth as a human and I can be sad if I want to.



Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.

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Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.