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If we could offer one thing to the Universe on a partly sunny Sunday afternoon, it would be Compassion.

As many collect to gather in circles on a Sunday Afternoon, may they hold great compassion for the act of kindesses that most churchs provide acrossed the globe.

Can you even imagine how many demoninations are gathering in person today? Or sharing briefly, with each other, a message.

A Message. Of Hope.

A Message. Of Joy.

A Message. Of Kindness.

A Message. Of Compassion.

This is the purpose of the circle. The gathering. The Fellowship.

Today. as you spend time with anyone you may Love, find the art of Compassion as a Passion Play for your Sunday Afternoon.

Find Your Voice.

Find Your Channel. Find Your Freedom.

Eleanor (Muse)



Eleanor Elaine Phoenix

Daring Satire By One Daring Muse. ELEANOR ELAINE PHOENIX Star light, Star Bright. You burnt my toast and made me write.